Sunday, beautiful Sunday

It’s a cool quiet Sunday morning here in Richmond with no humidity.  I am up at my usual 5am, but instead of going back to bed and indulging in a lazy Sunday, I’m having a productive one!  Today is the day to finish picking the grapes.  I have picked about half of the crop, and already have a 5 gallon bucket and two large bowls filled with the intoxicating smell of summer’s end; luscious, fat, round Concords!

My puppies, on the other hand, are lay-zee!  They barely wanted to go outside this morning, except to smell and attempt to eat the grapes.

Of course, grapes are bad for some dogs.  For 1/3 of the dog population, grapes can cause renal failure,  according to the Animal Poison Control Center.  So to my threesome’s dismay, I don’t let them partake EVER.  But they got an early breakfast with an egg surprise mixed in, and were quite satisfied.

After two hours of general pick-up, some light cleaning, four glasses of iced coffee, and about sixteen trips to the potty, oh the joys of blood pressure pills, it was time to feed me.  I recently pinned a recipe for a hash brown, egg, & cheese dish made in an iron skillet, and I had all the ingredients (actually had quail eggs, yum) so I treated myself to a special breakfast, then on to the task of the grapes.

Wow, they really produced this year.  And they smell amazing.  Nothing like your own fresh concord grapes.  Today I hope to make grape pie and grape cake, and prepare the grapes to later this week make jelly.  I’m also going to try grape sorbet this year.  In years past, I have only made jelly and juice, but since joining Pinterest, I have tons of stuff pinned, including grape recipes, and since I have tons of grapes… I’m going to have a grape extravaganza at the Pike house!

Grapes 2

Here’s a picture of my grapes, and by the end of the day, I hope to load a picture of the fruit treats–and my purple fingers!  What a lovely way to spend a beautiful Sunday.

Happy Sunday All 😉


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